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Public Notices in Chicago and the State of Illinois

July 2015

      1280vintage  Business Owner: Ronnie Dorsey

      12P Services  Business Owner: Vidal O Smith

      23 Foods  Business Owner: John Jay Jones

      2534 Augusta Building  Business Owner: Daniel P Kravitz

      2eiies  Business Owner: Donyel Young

      312 Vintage Guitars  Business Owner: Robert Dain

      4 Posterity Appraising  Business Owner: Katherine Manning

      4thright Appraisals  Business Owner: Michelle Trost

      7 Sigma Arms  Business Owner: Michael Bethna

      900 Blok  Business Owner: Julie Purpura

      A & D Towing Roadservice  Business Owner: Daniel A Franklin

      A 2 G Productions  Business Owner: Harry Hunt Jr

      A Window Guy  Business Owner: Robert Franklin Iii

      A1 Budget Transmissions  Business Owner: Adiel Hernandez

      A2K Integrated Financial Services  Business Owner: Aromake Afiegbe

      Aalit Resume Solutions  Business Owner: Nichole J Lateano

      Absolute Cleaning  Business Owner: Mikel Simo

      Ace In The Home Inspection Svcs  Business Owner: Rudolph O Schlosser

      ACRC Interpreting Services  Business Owner: Alfredo Carlo Ramirez

      Action Barbershop  Business Owner: Alicia Orllana

      Addy Pyrotechnics  Business Owner: Bradley Addy

      Adrians Carpentry  Business Owner: Adrian Llanos

      Advanced Tv & Computer Services  Business Owner: Anatoli Nikolov

      Affinity Agression  Business Owner: Lance R Mcvey

      Affordable Barber Cuts  Business Owner: Vincent Stevens

      Akire Spa  Business Owner: Erika Lymperopulos

      Alexander Tax Service  Business Owner: Henya Kenya

      Alexis Buryk Creative  Business Owner: Alexis Buryk

      All American Ponds  Business Owner: Philip Wolff

      Alliant Financial Strategies Group  Business Owner: Shawbn E Parker

      Allie Wishes Souvenirs  Business Owner: Apprentiss White

      Am Services  Business Owner: Anthony S Montemayor

      Amazing Cutz  Business Owner: Christopher R Simmons

      Amber Linderman Photography  Business Owner: Amber Linderman

      American Highland Roofing & Construction  Business Owner: Melina Arce

      Amerimex Home Buying Group  Business Owner: Jaime Escobedo

      Amilyn 1publishings  Business Owner: Quinton Beal

      Anderson Enterprises Landscaping & Maintenance  Business Owner: Morris Cornett Anderson

      Angel On Training Group  Business Owner: Thomas Rovetuso

      Angel Orthotics & Shoes  Business Owner: Sangseop Kim

      Angels Maid  Business Owner: Maria Avelina Nava

      Anointed Comfort Heating & Cooling  Business Owner: Dejuan Brown

      Anthony Boat Services  Business Owner: Anthony L Salazar

      Antony Electric  Business Owner: Donald Schultz

      Anue Resale  Business Owner: Robert Massion

      APB Painting  Business Owner: Phillip David Brendle

      Aperitifs Accomplished  Business Owner: Douglas Krick

      Aprcot Maids  Business Owner: Aprcot Maids

      Aqwablue  Business Owner: Kathleen Wales

      Arena Sports Cards  Business Owner: Adam Smuczerowicz

      Art Student Cards  Business Owner: William Rolette

      Artesa Baking  Business Owner: Martha Mejia

      Artisans Montage Publishings  Business Owner: Jen Jannini

      Auctus Group  Business Owner: John Gwin

      Autotron  Business Owner: Robert Mcdowell

      AZ Home Improvement  Business Owner: Adam Zajac

      Azure Nails & Waxing Studio  Business Owner: Phu Bui

      B & A Heating & Cooling Co  Business Owner: Bernardo Sanchez

      Backyard Barn Automotive  Business Owner: Evan Krueger

      Bake Sew Run  Business Owner: Catherine Scaramuzzi

      Bam Bams Pyramid Of Sound  Business Owner: Marhall Schoenke

      Barbara Kenedy & Associates  Business Owner: Kurt Lohnes

      BCM Enterprises  Business Owner: Robert Behrends

      Bed Bug Solution  Business Owner: Jeff Perper

      Bel Air Mechanical  Business Owner: Rocco Lucente

      Benchmark Unlimited Construction Management  Business Owner: Aaron Ball

      Berlin Logistics  Business Owner: Ausra Biskyte

      Beulah Publishing  Business Owner: Jeffrey Haeger

      Big Smiles Orthodontics  Business Owner: Jerry Udelson

      Black City Music Group  Business Owner: Sandy L Harris

      Blizzard Busters Snow Removal  Business Owner: Timothy Stephenson

      Blue Lotus Massage Therapy  Business Owner: Amy Bochenek

      Boilerplate Graphic Design  Business Owner: Craig A Sheeley

      Brand You Hair Co  Business Owner: Brandy West

      Bright Oaks Daycare  Business Owner: Kimberly Harders

      Bruno Independent Contractor  Business Owner: Bronislaw Dymek

      BRZN  Business Owner: Ben Dahl

      Busy Bee Assistants  Business Owner: Dawn Mockbee

      By Beep  Business Owner: Emily Haworth

      Byob  Business Owner: Kristen Toomey

      C & I Transportation  Business Owner: Cristina Sander

      C L Constructions Plus  Business Owner: Catalin Luta

      C My Design  Business Owner: Clara Torres

      Caju Maintenance  Business Owner: Juan Maldonado

      Can Alternative Nutrition Do Organic Best Food Fri  Business Owner: Lindy Alberts

      Canines Companions  Business Owner: Rachele Kurasz

      Cap Artistry  Business Owner: Christine A Pagliaro

      Cary G Schiff & Associates  Business Owner: Cary G Schiff

      Cary Grove Tax & Accounting Service  Business Owner: Brian Scarnegie

      Catalina Hair Design  Business Owner: Catalina Carreon

      Catherine Photgraphy  Business Owner: Catherine Sugrue

      Central Pickling  Business Owner: Ethan Fischer

      Century 22 Homes  Business Owner: Richard Lupa

      Cet Distributing  Business Owner: Lisa Murawski

      Chakrabarti Ip Law  Business Owner: Manisha Chakrabarti

      Charlie Ribs  Business Owner: Charlie Noble

      Chi Town Grill & Subs  Business Owner: Muhammad N Ali

      Chicago Dental Assistant School  Business Owner: Thomas Ince

      Chicago Heating Repair  Business Owner: Kevin Szprychel

      Chicago Window Expert  Business Owner: Mark Meshulam

      Chikos D A M  Business Owner: Manuela Solis

      China Investment Information Center  Business Owner: Junyan Birkett

      Chiseled Chicks Fitness  Business Owner: Raven Lewis Witchard

      Citizens Bright Ideas  Business Owner: Monica Katsigazi

      City Builder  Business Owner: Dulce A Garcia

      City Nail  Business Owner: Vy Nguyen

      CK Model Mgmt  Business Owner: Shannon Rosa

      CK Trailors  Business Owner: Craig Trenkamp

      Clearstream Fionnghlas  Business Owner: Daniel Shakeshaft

      Cloud Seven Publishing  Business Owner: Sandra Ivy

      Cologneplace  Business Owner: Kamil Stepnowski

      Compresso Design  Business Owner: Jose De Jesus Ayala

      Concepts & Creation  Business Owner: Laura Green

      Controlled Change  Business Owner: Gail Essman

      Conways Hi Styling Beauty & Barber Shop  Business Owner: Percy Conway

      Courageous Beads  Business Owner: Tina Marie Hileman

      Crissady Trucking  Business Owner: Adrian Carabenciov

      Cychowski Interpreting  Business Owner: Edyta Cychowski

      D I G Idea  Business Owner: Richard Sapyta

      D Patton Enterprises  Business Owner: Darryl Patton

      Daigel & Associates  Business Owner: Grace Daigel

      Dangelo Insurance Group  Business Owner: Anthony Dangelo

      Daves Lawn Service  Business Owner: David Berhard

      Day Shield Window Tinting  Business Owner: Thomas Vollmer

      Dbvincent Photography  Business Owner: David Vincent

      Design To Inspire Interiors  Business Owner: Shivani Desai

      Devonshire House Press  Business Owner: Tim Jackson

      Diaz Floor Care  Business Owner: Sergio Diaz

      Dimologic  Business Owner: Dmitry Moskaluk

      Dirty Turtle Motorsports  Business Owner: Kevin Kuntz

      Distinctive Designs Tile & Marble  Business Owner: Jonathan W Brooks

      Divine Tranquility Ltd  Business Owner: Sara Gussie

      DJ Chicagoland Entertainment  Business Owner: Jeffrey W Andrews

      Dms Enterprises  Business Owner: Domingo Soto

      Do Good Strategies  Business Owner: Deanna Murshed

      Docter Enterprises  Business Owner: Bryan Docter

      Doctor Walls  Business Owner: Jose A Escobar

      Dons Custom Builder & Heating Mechanical  Business Owner: Donald Schultz

      Duraclean Quality Services  Business Owner: Robert M Gutgsell

      E P Scent Crafter  Business Owner: Carlos Garcia

      E8 Designs  Business Owner: Ellen Thompson

      Ebony Angels  Business Owner: Deborah Ackers Hull

      ECM Computer Svs  Business Owner: Vlado Savcic

      Ed Tchilian Enterprise  Business Owner: Edmond Tchilian

      Edgar Heating & Air Conditioning  Business Owner: Edgar Castaneda

      Ege Avenue Associates  Business Owner: Joseph Lombardo

      Eko Green Pallets  Business Owner: Rosa Fernandez

      Electronic Data Quality & Complaince Associates  Business Owner: Walter Townsend Jr

      Elegant Floor Care Solutions  Business Owner: Joe Melendez

      Elevating Our Youth  Business Owner: Sondra N Denmark

      Ellens Vintage Dolls & Repairs  Business Owner: Ellen Manyon

      Emergency Moving Services  Business Owner: Tamara Thompson

      Emily Morris Freelance  Business Owner: Emily Morris

      Emk Service  Business Owner: Ewa Ryczek

      Energy Saving Resources  Business Owner: Farell Pelfrey

      Erin Nisi Photography  Business Owner: Erin Nisi

      Errand Guy  Business Owner: Dave Sterchi

      Essense Nails Salon  Business Owner: Hachau Pham

      Eventplanner  Business Owner: Amanda Nettles

      Events By Design  Business Owner: Patrice D Wilbur

      Excellent House Cleaning Services  Business Owner: Maria Rivera

      Explore Montessori  Business Owner: Indrani Biswas

      Exterior Renovations  Business Owner: Leonard Zegiel

      Eye Level Niles  Business Owner: Jeong Sook Cho

      Eye On Devon Pc  Business Owner: Justin Gordon

      Family Enterprise  Business Owner: Michael R Coughlin

      Family Of Prayer  Business Owner: Michael Pacer

      Fenix Renovation  Business Owner: Joel Rodriguez

      Fervent Fiscal Consulting  Business Owner: Jessica A Martinek

      Fhm Construction  Business Owner: Fred Morgan

      Finest Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service  Business Owner: Janice T Peters

      First Choice Building Maintenance  Business Owner: Michael R Coughlin

      Flourishing Little Young Souls  Business Owner: Gloria Rodriguez

      Forward March Transportation  Business Owner: Kevin B Dixon

      FPC Foreclosure Cleanup  Business Owner: Carier C Lewis

      Frahm Insurance & Financial Services  Business Owner: Timothy V Frahm

      Franco Palazzolo Fp Enterprise  Business Owner: Franco Palazzolo

      Front Line Deg Fense  Business Owner: Henry Haddack

      Furstenaus Wedding & Event Planning  Business Owner: Dana Furstenau

      Fusion 4 Women  Business Owner: Bina Raheem

      G T R Mechanical Services  Business Owner: Glenn Temple

      Gabi Cleaning Service  Business Owner: Barbara Rutkowska

      Gabys Cleaning Services  Business Owner: Gloria Garcia

      Gabys Creations  Business Owner: Edith Mondragon

      Gaines & Blagojevich  Business Owner: David Gaines

      Genesis  Business Owner: Flavio Gallarzo

      Gianna Christine Salon  Business Owner: Christine Dziedzic

      GK Partners Lbc 1  Business Owner: Joel F Brown

      Gold Branch Pictures  Business Owner: Jean Janinni

      Goldsby Consulting  Business Owner: Matthew Goldsby

      Goldstein & Associates  Business Owner: Sandor Goldstein

      Great Lakes Auto Body  Business Owner: Leonel Tapia

      Green Flyer Press  Business Owner: Jill Cahr

      Green Garden Christmas Tree Farm  Business Owner: Andrew Jones

      Green Land Management  Business Owner: Maria Yolanda Negrete

      Green Lawn Soldiers Landscaping  Business Owner: Jose Ramirez

      Greene Computers  Business Owner: Kristopher Greene

      Grocery Budget Saver  Business Owner: Robert Bitte

      Guaranteed Tax And Financial Service  Business Owner: Keshia Scott

      H Photo  Business Owner: Doru Halip

      Hair Code  Business Owner: Raquel Romo

      Harvest Kitchen  Business Owner: Andrew Monak

      Health Advocay & Counseling Rsources  Business Owner: Lee Mulert

      Heartland International Consultants  Business Owner: Vinod Jaisingh

      Heartline Training Group  Business Owner: Shoniece Boughton

      Heavy Whimsy Music  Business Owner: Sarah Goldstein

      Hema Sphere Printing & Graphics  Business Owner: Hema Gajiwala

      High Road Express  Business Owner: Douglas Russo

      Hn Router  Business Owner: Suhbja Imamovic

      Home Office The  Business Owner: Jason Madey

      Homeworks Of Batavia  Business Owner: Liz Henderson

      Horizons Freight Services  Business Owner: Salvador Cordora

      Horns Place Barbershop  Business Owner: Donna Davis

      House Calls Construction  Business Owner: Karen Pedigo

      Huhu  Business Owner: Steven Hudosh

      Huntington Condo Rental Partnership  Business Owner: Gary Noel

      I Got The Munchies  Business Owner: Erica Edwards

      Ilifeenergy  Business Owner: Sanjay Gupta

      Illinois Access Solutioins  Business Owner: Ruth Barriga

      Illinois Access Solutions  Business Owner: Ruth Barriga

      Illuminated Enagements Centre For Whole Being  Business Owner: Blake Cahoon

      Imperial Guest Room  Business Owner: John H Bek

      Imperial Translation & Interpreting Services  Business Owner: Edmon Antar

      Intuitively Wise Well Being  Business Owner: Ana Selio

      Inxpire Creative Software Solutions  Business Owner: Ronald Say

      Isaiah Consulting Group  Business Owner: Elizabeth Van Holt

      It Xpertz  Business Owner: Desmond Christie

      J & J Trucking  Business Owner: Krzysztof Jarek

      J&S Cleaning  Business Owner: Richard Vasquez

      J&W Landscaping  Business Owner: Walter Criollo

      Jade Accountants & Tax Services  Business Owner: Jing Obrien

      Jade Financial & Tax Services  Business Owner: Jing Obrien

      Jamal Smith Landscaping & Snow Removal  Business Owner: Jamal Smith

      Jbjbusiness Group  Business Owner: Jerry Bell Jr

      Jcp Insurance Services  Business Owner: Joseph Polito

      JCS Auto Salon  Business Owner: Criselda De Leon

      Jerald Novak & Associates  Business Owner: Jerald Novak

      Jessica Leigh Photography  Business Owner: Jessica Entingh

      JJ Services  Business Owner: John J Baier

      Jm And Daughters Plumbing  Business Owner: Jonathan Marquez

      Joe Trucking Services  Business Owner: Jozef Bialy

      Josef Zwijacz Construction  Business Owner: Jozef Zwijacz

      Joseph Taylor Dba Taylor Management  Business Owner: Joseph Taylor

      Joslin Media  Business Owner: Bryan Joslin

      Journey Of Life Services  Business Owner: Laura D Hamm

      Joy Love Professional Matchmaking  Business Owner: Jasmine Yates

      JV Contracting  Business Owner: Josh Vormittag

      Kara Africa Hair Braiding  Business Owner: Wilfrid M Djossou

      Karlas Hair Studio  Business Owner: Amparo Quiroz

      Kate Emerson & Co  Business Owner: Kathleen Emerson

      Katrine Recruiting Services  Business Owner: Katrine Winer

      Kema Apparel Group  Business Owner: Kenneth E Parks Sr

      Kids Under 10  Business Owner: Kip Garcia

      King & Dom  Business Owner: Dominique Scott

      Klove Jewerly  Business Owner: Latisha Kelley

      Korte Enterprises  Business Owner: Ronald Korte

      Kristines Professional Cleaning  Business Owner: Kristine Hennig

      Krowned Kocktails  Business Owner: Alexander King

      La Piece De Polissage  Business Owner: Jonathan Sara

      Lakeside Vending  Business Owner: Kent Hiatt

      Lambert & Associates  Business Owner: Norbert Lambert Jr

      Leonard Painting Services  Business Owner: Michael Leonard

      Leonard Painting Services  Business Owner: Michael Leonard

      Leonilas Daycare  Business Owner: Leonila Cabrena

      Leso Construction  Business Owner: Leslaw Andrzej

      Let Us Find A Buyer  Business Owner: Suzanne Pfeiffer

      Lifestyle Creative Productions Chessking Photo  Business Owner: Leneil Shackelford

      Lincoln Ride Limo  Business Owner: Yousif Odisho

      Linnear Entertainment  Business Owner: Darcellus Wrice

      Little Green House Daycare  Business Owner: Janelle Lasky

      Logomotion Embroidery  Business Owner: Linda C Dunbar

      Lombard Motorsports  Business Owner: Steve Pedigo

      Look In Grocery & Deli  Business Owner: Charmaine Thurman

      Loudbyte Cinematography  Business Owner: Steven Gribben

      Luvianos Professional Cleaning Service  Business Owner: Cecilio Luvianos

      Luxy Apparel Co  Business Owner: George Liang

      M & A Management  Business Owner: Malgorzata Pacult

      M & K Electric  Business Owner: Marvin Vandervliet

      M & N Management  Business Owner: Mate Mihaljevic

      Maac Garage Doors  Business Owner: Michael John Caruso

      Mac Mentor  Business Owner: Geoffrey S Horwitz

      Mafia Warfare  Business Owner: Kevin Simons

      Magic Money Tax Service  Business Owner: Lynda N Pilot

      Magical Dragon  Business Owner: Ralph R Workman

      Main Character Communications  Business Owner: Timothy M Smith

      Marci Oleszkiewicz  Business Owner: Marci Taylor

      Maria Krzywicka Janitorial Services  Business Owner: Maria Krzywicka Ptasznik

      Maria T Izaguirre Interpreting Cmi  Business Owner: Maria T Izaguirre

      Mariscos La Juibita  Business Owner: Esteban Canchola Rico

      Martins Trading Post  Business Owner: Scott Martin

      Massage Zone  Business Owner: Yanhung Song

      Masterpiece Creations By Cristie & Co  Business Owner: Christine Sindelar

      Maxx Services  Business Owner: Jose Juan Mendez

      Mayfield Flowers  Business Owner: Keely Sindler

      MC2 Yoga  Business Owner: Mark Mcpherson

      Mdc Concepts  Business Owner: Michael Conway

      Meck & Son Landscaping  Business Owner: Dennis Meck

      Media Management  Business Owner: John Randolph Olivero Jr

      MFP Partnership  Business Owner: William D Howe

      Midwest Journalism Education Intiative  Business Owner: Stan Zoller

      Mihal Kihal  Business Owner: Michael Symoczko

      Millennium Transportation  Business Owner: Vladimir Wodonoff

      Miniblindrx  Business Owner: Chad Wooters

      Minor Changes  Business Owner: Clara Cappello

      Mja Heating & Air Conditioning  Business Owner: Mary Ellen Packeco

      Mobile Animal Surgical Services  Business Owner: Kristi M Sandman

      Model Homes Cleaning  Business Owner: Joan Colomb

      Mom And Meg Sandwiches & Sweets  Business Owner: Nora Gorman

      Monarch Films  Business Owner: Rex K Stouffer

      Monk Seo  Business Owner: Eric Stein

      Moonvent Media  Business Owner: Timothy Osgood

      Mooreason Enterprise  Business Owner: Souradji Tunkashila El

      Mops & Brooms  Business Owner: Pamela Carlson

      Mopstick Enterprise  Business Owner: Carrie Brown

      Morgan Candle Co  Business Owner: Stephen Morgan

      Morpheus Project Consultants  Business Owner: Daniel Jonathan Elacqua

      Moses Martial Arts Center  Business Owner: Fadi Hasan

      Motor Service Plus  Business Owner: Frank Villarreal Jr

      Mr Carrolls  Business Owner: Benjamin Carroll

      Mr Granite Stone Restoration  Business Owner: London J Ward

      Ms Trucking  Business Owner: Marcin Slaby

      Mulligan Golf Promotions  Business Owner: Rocco Didonna

      Mvmaster Shine Cleaning Services  Business Owner: Mark Medrano

      My Tru Home  Business Owner: Clay Krumpos

      My Way To Well  Business Owner: Elke Deutscher

      My Wellness Chicago  Business Owner: Albert Kohen

      Nad Thompson & Associates  Business Owner: Dorothy Thommpson

      Nail Palace  Business Owner: Mai H Ngugen

      Naperville Psychiatric Ventures  Business Owner: Edward Health Ventures Na

      NB Space Planning & Consulting Services  Business Owner: Nelson Blalark Sr

      Never 2 Busy  Business Owner: Tuwanda Hood

      New Grind After Hours  Business Owner: Lisa A Colonna

      New Jobs Usa  Business Owner: Richard Sotomayor

      New Look Custom Closets  Business Owner: Kimberly Peterson

      Nia Crafts & Wears  Business Owner: Sonja M Guyton

      Nieblas Trucking  Business Owner: Durley Niebla

      Nile Valley Trading Co (nvtc)  Business Owner: Ragy Elmenoufy

      No Problem Hvac  Business Owner: Sergio Medina

      North Shores Real Estate Development  Business Owner: Mark Poplawski

      Northern Il Reds Baseball 13u  Business Owner: Gary Golinski

      Noxtop  Business Owner: Thomase Kingston

      O Squared Mechanical Contractors  Business Owner: Lucia Olague

      Oak Park Music Therapy  Business Owner: Victoria Storm

      On Time Construction Chi  Business Owner: Daniel J Rita

      Oracle  Business Owner: Nathan David

      Oss Sports  Business Owner: Ralph Stephen Correll

      Over The Top Sweets  Business Owner: Brienne Martin

      Papas Kitchen  Business Owner: Stacy Burr

      Paris Nails  Business Owner: Long Van Le

      Patricia Ohara Dba Simple Debt Solutions  Business Owner: Patricia Ohara

      PCS Travel  Business Owner: Arturo Aluquin

      Peer Technoligies  Business Owner: Aaron Star

      Performance Powder Coating  Business Owner: Mel Drundel

      Perkins Design  Business Owner: Kathleen Perkins

      Pest Busters  Business Owner: Staci Roche

      Pet Pass  Business Owner: Karen Herse

      Petal Foundry  Business Owner: Margaret Greaney

      Phase Line Red  Business Owner: Brian Mower

      Phoenix Die Mold  Business Owner: John Hingyi

      Pickle Punk  Business Owner: Christophe Mayhew

      Pipes Plowing  Business Owner: Donald Pipes

      Pizza By Geneos  Business Owner: Artemio Nevarez

      Pleasing Cuisine  Business Owner: Anthony Gomez

      Poncitlan No 5  Business Owner: Lourdes Dejesus

      Prana Flow Therapeutic Massage  Business Owner: Chris Lison

      Prbyelle77  Business Owner: Lauran A Smith

      Precision Works  Business Owner: Rose Marie Ticoli

      Prestige Properties  Business Owner: Michael C Hale

      Prime Window Cleaning  Business Owner: Debra Jambrone

      Push Play Dj & Superstar Karaoke  Business Owner: Thomas Hanus

      R & J Tree Service  Business Owner: John Goers

      R & K Snow Removal  Business Owner: Robert Reed

      R&B Maintenance  Business Owner: Bryan Killinger

      RCC Concrete & Construction  Business Owner: Vince Gallegos

      Ref 3.0 Productions  Business Owner: Genaro Anthony Gomez

      Regal Consulting  Business Owner: Rose E Gustavson

      Reign Bow International Ministries  Business Owner: Mike Mcleland

      Renaissance Remodel & Repair  Business Owner: Sharron Healy

      Renew Foot Massage  Business Owner: William H Lee

      Restoration Remodeling  Business Owner: Anthony Riban

      Revival Masonry  Business Owner: Randi Roudebush

      Ridler Window Tinting  Business Owner: Michael Moore

      Riopel Photography  Business Owner: Jennifer Riopel

      River North Tickets  Business Owner: Paul Manning

      Riverside Associates  Business Owner: Khaldoun Wathaifi

      Roberts Room By Room Painting  Business Owner: Robert Obrien

      Rogue Ballerina  Business Owner: Vicki Crain

      Rolex Authorized Service Center  Business Owner: Sutter Kajita

      Roma D Italia  Business Owner: Greg Petterson

      Rosa Hermosa Beads & Designs  Business Owner: Rosa Linda Gumecindo

      Rosalie Riegle Books  Business Owner: Rosalie G Riegle

      Rosewood Aquarium Studios  Business Owner: Nathan Jungels

      Rossell Appliance Repair  Business Owner: Robert Rossell

      Rotten Apple Comics  Business Owner: Cedrina Falkner

      Royal Enterprises  Business Owner: Tomasz Nowak

      RS Independent Home Health Care  Business Owner: Rina R Williams

      RZ & Sons Construction  Business Owner: Robert Zawacki

      Satchell Properties  Business Owner: Andre C Satchell

      Savanna Hardwood Flooring  Business Owner: Jon Brock

      Schweikert Family Farms  Business Owner: Marta Schweikert Scarleski

      Scoops Hair Mechanics  Business Owner: Stephen T Brooks

      Seabec II  Business Owner: Erwin Sirovy

      Second Avenue Stock  Business Owner: Kristen Toomey

      Second Round  Business Owner: Karen Eppserson

      Set U Free Holistic Center  Business Owner: Lisa Porter

      Sew Moving  Business Owner: Donna Rochino

      Shantels Closet  Business Owner: Fiona Jones

      Shared Memories  Business Owner: Cheryl Wrzesinski

      Sharp Point Bookkeeping Solutions  Business Owner: Renee L Klivicks

      Shining Star Cleaning Services  Business Owner: Andrea Kirkland

      Shoot My Ad  Business Owner: China Rosa

      Sign & Lighting Tek  Business Owner: Ronald James Mills

      Slice Of Heaven Baked Goods  Business Owner: Deanna Stotts

      Smith And Sons Gunsmithing  Business Owner: Timothy A Smith

      Snapshots By Kristi  Business Owner: Kristina Ann Meling Ramel

      SNJ Studio 125  Business Owner: Scott Schlaiss

      Soar Leadership Coaching  Business Owner: Genea Browne

      Solar Guard Systems  Business Owner: Dale Lang

      Solutions 2 Design  Business Owner: Mark Evans

      Speedys Gonzalez  Business Owner: Enedina Serna De Lopez

      Spicy Madison  Business Owner: Meilonee Calhoun

      Spirits  Business Owner: Sheralyn Bradley

      Spoiled  Business Owner: Jeffrey Francis

      SRK Marketing  Business Owner: Spencer Kaminski

      St Francis High School Fathers Club  Business Owner: Tom Bednar

      Stage It 2 Sell It  Business Owner: Linda Ann Ross

      Stan Services Company  Business Owner: Stanislaw Brzezniak

      State Farm Brian Shamash Agency  Business Owner: Brian Shamash

      State Street Collision  Business Owner: William White

      Status Promotions  Business Owner: Raymond Nowak

      Steves Courier Service  Business Owner: Stephen Thorpe

      Stg Sports Performance Training  Business Owner: Sherman Gant Jr

      Stormcave Studios  Business Owner: James Allan Walker

      Strong Professional Roofing  Business Owner: Ramon Morales

      Student Section Tees  Business Owner: Brad Schnitzer

      Studio Vanitatum  Business Owner: Viktoria Kryscio

      Sub Virtual Service  Business Owner: Salim Bhuiyan

      Summer Shine  Business Owner: Becky Knol

      Sunny Day Landscaping  Business Owner: John Naples

      Super Star Shots  Business Owner: Meil Martin

      Surecheck Home Inspection Services  Business Owner: John Reiss

      Surely Satisfied  Business Owner: Trevor Crivello

      Surma & Assoc  Business Owner: Philip Surma

      Syrebrum Wellness  Business Owner: Lena Kennedy

      Tachos Brick Pavers & Landscaping Co  Business Owner: Atanacio Cueller

      Tayler Made Makeup Art  Business Owner: Tayler Oldin

      Tc Integrity Auditing  Business Owner: Thomas L Cain

      Team Esp  Business Owner: Bernard Czerwinski Jr

      Terrell Coaching  Business Owner: Elizabeth Terrell

      The Community Creations Group  Business Owner: Vivian V Blackwell

      Tikal Express Tax Service  Business Owner: Martin Horta

      Timothy P Sullivan Dds  Business Owner: Timothy Sullivan

      Tiny Bubles Photography  Business Owner: Leslie Campos

      TLC Cleaning  Business Owner: Tara Lipke

      TMJ Asset Services  Business Owner: Tim Jastrab

      Today Nails Spa  Business Owner: Kenny Tuu

      Top Notch Styles  Business Owner: Brandy D Bedenfield

      Total Care  Business Owner: Kara D Cooper

      Traditional Foods Coach  Business Owner: Jennifer Mcmanamee

      Transcendere Group  Business Owner: Keishana Crenshaw

      Travel 2u By Celeste  Business Owner: Celeste Williams

      Travel By Lagitt  Business Owner: Eve Debra Wachsman

      Triple B Property Preservationist  Business Owner: Bryan A Lewis

      Triple C Plowing  Business Owner: Desaray G Heard

      Trm Enterprises  Business Owner: Thomas R Martine

      Tta Education Center  Business Owner: Kim Thuan Ngoc Nguyen

      Typhoon Products Llc  Business Owner: Robert White

      Ultimate 1 Preservation  Business Owner: Penelope Herriman

      Ultimate Motor  Business Owner: Biliaminu Ayoola

      Unique Construction  Business Owner: Lawrence C Jones

      Unique Green Cuts Landscape & Design  Business Owner: Abisai Josue Vara Rivera

      Unique Stone & Tile  Business Owner: Charles Paawlowski

      Upscale Audio Exchange  Business Owner: Thomas E Viktora

      Vale Log Trucking  Business Owner: Paulo Pereira

      Vantage Supply & Design Vsd  Business Owner: Vinod Deonarine

      Verizon Wireless  Business Owner: Cellco Partnership

      Vernon Hills Heating & Cooling  Business Owner: Ted Sindermann

      Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation Service Pc  Business Owner: Kara A Kelleher Brennan

      Vicky Nail Spa  Business Owner: Jackie Nguyen

      Victory Badminton  Business Owner: Victor Yu

      Vicuse  Business Owner: William Rueth

      Vinnys Lawn Care  Business Owner: Vincent White

      Visual Poets Society  Business Owner: Melissa Rasmussen

      Vitamix  Business Owner: Christopher Dewey

      VTM Tickets  Business Owner: Barbara Bodnarchuk

      Vvirtual Excellence  Business Owner: Lakia Colquitt

      Walnut Island Gallery  Business Owner: Terri A Simmons

      Walter Construction & Remodeling  Business Owner: Teresa Olejarz

      Wang Reflexology  Business Owner: Charles Lewis

      We Good People  Business Owner: Kenyatta Brack

      Wear Did U Get That  Business Owner: Stephanie Ormsby

      Weissbluth Pediatrics  Business Owner: Daniel Weissbluth Md

      Wendy City Faces  Business Owner: Wendy Woodside

      West Side Animal Hospital  Business Owner: Lesley Luka

      Westerfield Apartments  Business Owner: Rodney Buss

      Whatever It Takes Aerobic & Fitness Training  Business Owner: Alicia Vasquez

      White Glove Gratuities  Business Owner: Jerome Ring

      White Street Interiors  Business Owner: Vickie S Hansen

      Wholesale Target  Business Owner: Angel Fuentes

      Williams Enterprises  Business Owner: Anthony Williams

      Windy City Painting  Business Owner: Karel Behal

      Wise Prep  Business Owner: Charles D Matthews

      Wolf Home  Business Owner: John Wolf

      Wolf Pack Racing  Business Owner: Charles Wolf

      Wooden Signs & Designs  Business Owner: Charles Thalman Jr

      World Of Learning Home Daycare  Business Owner: Marysol Tovar

      World One Promotions  Business Owner: Lawrence A Pierce Ii

      Wornstar Clothing Co Llc  Business Owner: Stephen Jensen

      Xpat Trading  Business Owner: Patrick J Carlin

      Yakkety Yak  Business Owner: Ashley Devick

      You Inspires.com  Business Owner: Phyllis Overstreet Udeen

      Young Sexy Nails  Business Owner: Brian Cruz

      Younger Law Offices  Business Owner: Rebecca Younger

      Your Way Up  Business Owner: Lark West




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